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Hi Robert. I just wanted to sincerely thank you for making the effort to get us all set up on Friday. I know that it was a very long day for you. After going through 4 months of renos with a 2 year old you can’t underestimate the importance of us getting settled into the new house. I really appreciated that you stayed late and took time away from your family to get the laundry machines connected as well. We are very pleased with the quality of the work that you have done so far (there is actually useable space under my kitchen and bathroom sinks for the first time ever!) and look forward to getting it all finished up shortly. Please give me some notice when you are planning to come back to finish up and have the inspection since the key won’t be outside anymore and access to the house will count on one of us being at home.

Thanks again Robert.
Lori, Jonathan, Findlay and Sam :)=

I want to thank you for a great job done!!
The men were pleasant & efficient.
I really appreciated the plumber for coming at the end of His schedule!!
All the best,
Susan M.


Thanks for a job well done. I also want to thank you for the information about home depot, I got my
money back from them. Again, thank you!
Carol G.



just to let you know that the inspector was just here and all is good.
Thanks again for everything.


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